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Gender based registrations.

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1 hour ago, Tom S. said:

How do you know it was an accident?

Just happens to often. This is a community site where women are called independents, and men clients.


Kind of obvious. If they are that slow to join the button that says LADIES ONLY, then they are trying to trick the system to see different things. So ya, at first I thought was maybe just mistakes. But its happening too often. So hence the question for a way to force gender based on a group.


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I’m not sure what you are asking. It looks like you already have a process in place to force a member group through the registration. 
So what other kind of “force” are you thinking of?

You can probably make the requirement to use the right group even more obvious, like putting notes or a checkbox on the form, repeating the need to chose the right group and explaining the consequences. People are lazy (online). They like to skip everything. 

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