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Index size of core_reputation_index

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Is it normal that the index length of core_reputation_index is almost 5 times as big as the next table?

I understand that it is ok for this table to have most rows, but the size of the index sounds a bit excessive compared to the other tables. 



Is it the same with you?


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Out of curiosity....are you experiencing some sort of issue? If you start poking around and dropping things without good cause, you'll be likely to introduce a problem.

Technically, yes you can drop and recreate indexes. I am not aware of any reasons this would change the size consumed. For reference, locally I see the following on a test installation:

Data 1.2 MiB
Index 1.9 MiB
Overhead 19.6 KiB
Effective 3 MiB
Total 3 MiB
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