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How to promote club content?


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we are looking for possibility to promote content from public (and ideally open) clubs in our community. The possibilities out of the box do not work:

  • custom activity streams do not allow to select club content
  • RSS does not include clubs either
  • block with new topics do not show topics from clubs (unless we allow ALL forums)

Are there other possibilities out of the box to display content of the clubs in the community? It seems like the communication is locked in the clubs. New users do not see what happens there, unless they go to the clubs and browse each club to see club's activity stream. 

Any idea what one can do to promote clubs content in the community?


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I use 1 application that allows me to select clubs using the block included. You can select all (forums and club forum), or then select club forum and forums one by one.


You can also use:  https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8805-clubs-forums-on-forums-index/

or this one for club awareness:  https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8924-clubs-card-on-forums-index/



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3 hours ago, gabs007 said:

We have not only forums, but blogs and galleries in clubs as well.

3 hours ago, gabs007 said:

I use this, but this is not about content. This are just club cards. I would like to display topics, images and blog entries from the clubs, so that user look into it to read and answer.

3 hours ago, gabs007 said:

Same here. No content, only club titles 😞

2 hours ago, Jυra said:

Have old-fashioned and semi-regular contests tied to it with real stuff to win. 

It is not about to show that we HAVE clubs, but to show WHAT is discussed within the clubs. Our clubs are active by itself but new users are having difficulties to find a club among over 200 clubs. I would like to show the content of the clubs so that the user are not forced to go to the Clubs and open every club to see what is within...

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Yes, but I can select ONLY clubs OR other content items. I cannot mix them.

What I try to achieve is to create a stream where the following content is included:

  • some forums (not all)
  • some galleries (not all)
  • some categories from Pages (not all)
  • all public clubs (all nodes of them)
  • all clubs where I am a member (all nodes of them)

It seems that out of the box I can have only:

  1. everything
  2. only selected containers (but not clubs!)
  3. only selected clubs (but not by type like 'public', I have to select fixed ids)
  4. only my clubs

There is no possibility to merge the contents listed above in one stream out of the box.

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1 minute ago, opentype said:

Isn’t that what choosing Club Filter → All Content does? 

Yes, but this also includes ALL other content in this case. I cannot choose club content AND limit other content by categories at the same time or even exclude any other content. I can have everything or no clubs 😉 

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What I need: custom stream that includes some content limited by categories AND all public clubs AND clubs where I am member of.

Or at least ONLY club content from public clubs and my clubs but no other content.

Both seems to be not possible.

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