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IPS coding

Fierce God

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Are you ever too old to learn how to code? ----- LOL!!!


Seriously though,

It has always been a passion of mine to learn the IPS code and learn how to code since learning about IPS (and the past names of IPS)  --------- (Also a lil tired of spending so much money, lol)


but honestly didn't know where to look, and then saw that there was already available apps/plugins to use, so always got side tracked


Can any of you awesome Devs here point me in the right direction to a starter tutorial site (prayers for a free one) that i can start from scratch and learn the IPS code and maybe be a novice coder by the time i am 80? Joking (i'm only 36) 

But yea, i know you all are super busy, and this is a rush type thing..................so if anyone wants to throw out some pointers, websites, or any advice...i would be greatly appreciative

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