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Acronym Expansion and SEO

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Can you let us know if the acronyms that we insert into the Acronym Expansion panel get crawled by search engine spiders?

How is this function supposed to work / why was it created?

Is there a best practice that would allow us to take acronyms that are only related to competitors and insert them into another section or panel which would prevent search engine crawling or prevent competitors from using our IPS platform to boost their own SEO rankings?

Thank you!



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The acronym expansion takes the "find" string and then uses the <acronym> HTML tag as a replacement.

I think we have this set up: ACP

Yes, we do. You can mouse over and see the acronym expanded, and you can view the page source to see the underlying HTML. Search engine spiders will indeed crawl and understand this, but there is no way to set up "competitor" ones that are blocked.

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I think the better solution to your problem especially for competitors is to use the Word Filters.  This sets up a tracking on keywords that you define, and you can view their usage in the ACP Statistics.  

For the stock exchange symbol, then acronyms would be perfect.  You can also potentially use Keywords by @CodingJungle which offers more functionality.  

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