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Incorrect "Last Visited" Date for One Member

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I've recently come across a member whose "Last Visited" date in their profile hover card hasn't updated since 29 December, despite posting within the last day or two. This screenshot should tell the story:


So, the hover card shows the incorrect last visited date, while immediately below it, the timestamp for this member's post is clearly shown as yesterday (give or take a few hours for timezone differences).

I've yet to come across any others like this, but wouldn't be surprised if I do. Since first noticing this problem, I've run the 4.4 updater, and cleared the forum caches, both to no avail.

Any ideas?


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I've found that number can be a bit off at times, but it corrects itself later.

There may just be a task that updates that last visited date routinely for performance reasons, though I'm not certain.

If it's still wrong after 24 hours, make sure you don't have any third-party plug-ins or applications that might be interfering.

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