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  1. So, I've solved the issue with the missing 'reactions' icons by recreating the missing directory, and re-uploading a found set of the applicable icons. Check. I also decided that the only practical way to solve the missing avatars issue was to have affected members re-upload their own, which is not the worst thing in the world. However, in the case of at least one member, he's not able to do so, as the spot on his profile where he would normally do so is just a plain white disc now, with no image icon button to initiate the action: Any ideas about how to fix this? My guess is that it will apply to other members, too; they just haven't discovered it yet. Kevin
  2. Thanks, Nathan. I've been able to download the icons for 'like', 'thanks', and 'aha' right from here. Unfortunately, 'sad' and 'confused' aren't used here, so I'll have to locate them elsewhere on the web. Kev
  3. I know it makes no sense, and I do understand and appreciate that you're trying to help. I'm just incredibly frustrated by this issue right now, which is ironic, given how small it is, and how successful this rather major move has otherwise been. Given that no one else on the forums is actually seeing the issue with the reactions icons, I'm going to take an educated guess and say that they've been MIA for some time, and all we/they are seeing is some rather aggressive browser caching in action. I'm guessing that new members wouldn't even notice that they're missing. Simply re-uploading the reaction icons would indeed fix the problem, but they're not included in the downloadable release of the software; I just downloaded the full version of 4.6.1, and they're not there. I suppose I could swipe them from another Invision board, which isn't such a bad idea, actually. None of that helps with the avatars, however, but members can upload news ones I guess. Oddly, it appears at first glance to only affect a small handful so far. There's at least as many working ones that were never uploaded into the /profile subdirectory, so I'm assuming we're the victims of a mishmash of storage schemas going back over our 13+ years of using the product. Anyway, I've logged a support ticket, just so the guys can rule out any technical issues. Thanks again for your attempts to help, and my apologies for being grumpy. Kev
  4. Seriously? We're just going around in circles now. I'll screenshot the directory/file structure on the old server if you'd like, just to prove that those files don't exist. How could I have missed any files, when I copied the entire contents of public_html in a single session? Just one drag/drop FTP operation, copying over 224000 files, with only 25 failed transactions. And these were files with non-ASCII characters in their names, and legacy at that (not even forum-related). Are you guys even reading my posts? Kev
  5. Upon unzipping an earlier v4.4.4 download I already had on my hard drive, I find that the /uploads folder contains only an index.html file, and logs folder. Kev
  6. I don't see an option for enabling a custom URL. I only have this: Ah, I missed the bit about choosing 'edit'. Here's the result: Kev
  7. It's not empty - it doesn't exist! Not on the old or new servers. The only interface graphics folder that exists in uploads/ is emoticons. There's some CSS and JavaScript folders, and a bunch of monthly_xxx ones, and the rest are just image files. Most of the existing user profile photos that still work seem to be stored in the monthly folders. I'll try re-uploading the reaction images and see if that fixes the problem. Yep, done all this. All options simply point to /uploads/ - no subdirectories. There are in fact no /reactions or /profile subdirectories to point them to on either server. And yet, that's where some of them were stored and working from on the old server, which is a complete mystery to me! Kev
  8. Ah, gotcha. Yep, URLs and file paths are identical. The directories the seemingly missing files are supposedly being served from don't exist on either server - old or new. So I'm at a loss to explain how they were even working on the old server! I've checked and re-checked this multiple times so far. And unless IPB is storing files outside the document root somehow, I definitely grabbed all of them. I just don't understand why I seem to be the only one seeing an issue. My guess is that some of those images (the 'like' icons) are possibly inline SVGs, and I've got a problem with a CSS file somewhere. However, inspecting them tells me the browser is trying to load them from /uploads/reactions/, which doesn't exist on either server. Same with the missing user photos (/uploads/profile/). Kev
  9. Cleared my browser cache and dumped its cookies - no difference. It's happening in multiple browsers anyway, so probably not that. Here's the site link: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/ Kev
  10. Oddly, other members are not seeing any issues, though one did report some missing user photos. But for everyone else, the 'like' graphics appear to be showing, but not for me on multiple desktop browsers. Even more oddly, I don't have any issues at all with the mobile version. Kev
  11. It appears that the second issue above is related to the first, in that the missing images appear to be located in a similarly missing directory called forums/uploads/reactions/. Do I need to rebuild something somewhere within ACP? Kev
  12. I've just manually migrated our community and associated website to a new server, and am discovering some annoying issues with missing graphics. Before describing the issues, I'll mention that I double-checked that all files were moved across from the original server, and I've cleared the forum caches several times on the new server. I also still have access to the old server, should I need to grab anything from it. The first issue is that a small portion of user profile photos (avatars) are now missing - including my own. I fixed my own by uploading a new one, so it's not the worst problem in the world, but what concerns me more is that the missing images are linked to a directory that not only doesn't exist on the new server(forums/uploads/profile/), but didn't exist on the old one either! So, how were they working before? And is there a way to restore them, or are they gone forever? The second and more concerning issue is that the 'reputation' icons ('like', etc) have also gone AWOL. The links are still there, and function properly, but the icons aren't loading. Any ideas? Submit a ticket? Kev
  13. I usually use Sequel Pro for remote connections and management, but it seemed easier to run a repair all style command from phpMyAdmin, rather than repair each table individually with SP. Kev
  14. Right, makes sense. I've never done that conversion, and was under the impression that it can result in data loss, but I guess I'll have to investigate further. Kev As it happens, I went ahead and ran a repair on all tables anyway, and this seems to have fixed the issue (pending further testing). I'd love to know what table/s were involved, but sadly, phpMyAdmin timed out while running the repairs. Kev
  15. Doing it now! Kev Well, ibf_core_sessions definitely isn't crashed, and I have no idea what other table/s could be the culprit. Repairing all 200 doesn't really seem feasible to me. And surely Invision would set the tables up as required for its own product, so if they're MyISAM, then surely they're meant to be? Kevin
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