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Thank you IPS for a great 4.4 release....


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I think you all nailed it overall.

queues the applause etc....


Now for the next release... my priorities would be...

  1. Night Mode - I've posted a few times about this one
  2. Granular advertisement control down to the page, club, blog level.
  3. Wiki and Pages PER CLUB. 
  4. and the mother of all releases... a Progressive Web App.

If I think of more... I'm sure I'll post it in here


But thanks for 4.4..... it is a big step in the right direction.

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I jinxed myself....

No sooner did I write the above when I enabled Lazy Load .....

A member posts an image in a club.....

I am on email #2000 as of two hours later and the lazy load transition stopped at 43%.


This a week after the upgrade failed.

Well.... maybe once the email providers take me off their blacklists in 4 years I might find some success again.

It was a nice attempt at a smooth upgrade process.

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8 minutes ago, TheWorldNewsMedia.org said:

The problem flared up again this evening. 

Is this part of the Emergency maintenance you guys are performing? It can't be just my forums experiencing this....

They are undergoing an emergency maintenance to Community In the Cloud if you're hosted there.

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  • Management

I'm sorry for further confusion. This is not cloud related (in fact, very few should see any impact from the maintenance) - this is a bug in 4.4.0 that was patched. If you are experiencing this issue in 4.4.0 (and even if you're not) - please make your way to your AdminCP and then click Support -> Something is not working correctly. You will find a patch available (assuming you have not already applied it, of course) -- please click through that to apply. 

Thanks. (OP - this has already been done for you, as noted in your ticket.)

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