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500 error - moving server/changing IP


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last night i had my WP + IP community moved to another server.

WP works, but i get a 500 error on the community: https://leden.marketingfans.nl/community/

Also on the admin.

The only thing that's really changed (apart form the server) is the IP address.

I've checked all the '500 error' topics on this forum but this specific notice (Access denied for user...) is not discussed.

Anybody know where to start looking?



Schermafdruk 2019-02-21 15.26.45.png

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Just now, Jim M said:

Check that your mysql database connection details in conf_global.php are still the same, including username/password. Please also ensure that the user has all permissions to the database.

I did that and they are all the same.

Could permissions have changed with a 1-one-1 clone/migration?

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Jake here, happy to help out! Yes, the database name and credentials did change when the site was moved to the new server for the Freelance plan. We just updated the database credentials in the /community/conf_global.php file, and it is now loading for us.

The credentials are automatically updated in WordPress by our platform when sites are moved, but custom applications are not.

Could you look at things now and let us know if they are working as expected?

It's solved now. Wish they told they had changed the credentials when migrating 😞

Thanks for helping out everybody!

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