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Server migration best practice? Problems with htaccess


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Hey guys,

I hope you can help me. We wanted to migrate our server and switching from Plesk to a self managed webserver.

Now we have the following problem: mod_rewrite is activated and working for the first layer of urls (/login, /forums, /blogs, etc.). All deeper layers won't work e.g. the link to a thread or subforum etc. Those sites cannot be found by the suite (Error code: 1S160/2).
Could somebody point out what could cause this problem?

Server config:

  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04
  • PHP: 7.3
  • Database: MySQL 15.2 (using readline 5.2)
  • Webserver: Apache 2.4.37
  • AllowOverride is set to All
  • .htaccess is working (checked as we use AuthBasic and the first layers work)

Thanks in advance,

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Oh shoot.. if this really is the problem I could punch myself. Thanks for pointing that out, I hope this is causing the problem as it would be the most easiest fix. I didn't think of that as all requirements during the installation have been green (I guess IPS is checking for a version value higher than defined).

Will report back with the result.

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