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  1. Just jumping in here. I've searched for the same question and came up with this thread. As it's been three month since the fix was announced, is this already implemented as I still do not have the option to edit / delete entry catgories?
  2. 4.5 is still in Beta. You can patch to this version via the support tool (Something isn't working correctly) @bfarber Alright thanks 🙂
  3. We are not talking about the app Twitch Integration, but about embedding Twitch Videos, am I right? This sounded like there would be hope for the App 😄 Cheers, Phil
    At the time of this review the app cannot be used useful anymore. Twitch abandoned it's old API and the way you have to authenticate with the new API. Since the changes took place the app does not work 100% anymore. The login handler still works as of now, but you cannot add any new streamers and the streamer widget is broken (some streamers are not shown, while others never go offline). This change in the API was announced month ago and while the dev replied to me some weeks ago that the app will be updated there is no update yet. Because the login handler still works 3/5 stars, I will adjust the review once the app is working again (if it will).
  4. While I cannot look into this it probably is related to Twitch suspending the old API and only using the new "Helix" API since I think the end of April. I contacted the dev and he told me that the app will be updated, but no news since then. Right know the app is half dead as only some of the functionality still works and the rest shows the bugs you have. The login handler still works as far as I can tell but the streams are absolutely unreliable. P.S. It seems that the Helix API Endpoints are integrated in some way, but I still got a warning from Twitch that the script uses and outdated API, so maybe it isn't Helix all over the place. Cheers, Phil Edit: I fiddled around with the code of Twitch Integration a bit and while I cannot resolve the problem it seems like the app is using client credentials to authenticate with the Twitch API. The new API demands that client credentials are used to receive an OAuth token from Twitch and I couldn't find any part in the code that would do this, thus the API might be blocking some of the features and in the future will probably block all features.
  5. Hello, I've noticed a double language string deletion_canceled deletion_cancelled I think this is not intended, is it? It uses the same text string. Best regards, Phil
  6. Could a moderator move this to "Development Assistance" please? I think this might be a better forum for my question 🙂
  7. *push* Any hints? I found a setting in one of the PHP files which sets a limit (as far as I can tell) of 23 items. I'd prefer to not change the file as it gets overwritten with an update. Is the IPS news system using the blog application? The pagination starts with different item limits for different categories there.
  8. Hello guys, I wonder if there is any setting or code I could change to limit the number of shown blog articles in grid view? Might this be related to the theme? Right now I have two "main" articles (the most recent ones) sitting side by side on the very top of the grid view. Below that we have the smaller previews. Now I wanted to limit the count of the smaller previews to a 3x3 grid (3 articles in a row with 3 rows total) so that I have 11 articles on the blog page over all. I couldn't find any information in the help section nor could I find a setting to limit the number of shown articles. Thanks in advance, Phil
  9. I hope this will be introduced through the entire suite 🙂 The same "problem" exists in blog articles not just pages. For every new article I have to upload a new image (even if it is the same I've already uploaded)
  10. BIG thanks to both of you! This is a neat CSS "hack". I didn't know that this even works, thanks a lot for the hint. You learn something new every day. Cheers, Phil
  11. Thanks for the hint! This is what I wanted the direct link to look like (it's just the default popup window): I guess I cannot achieve that without screwing around with all popups in the entire community. Coloring the labels would be a possible solution though. That you cannot see the background when the editor is opened is the desired look within our theme.
  12. Hey guys, maybe someone can help me with a small problem I have with new messages. Usually private messages are written in a popup, but we tried to link directly to write a new message with the link for it (/messenger/compose/to?=X). We're using a transparent background within our theme so you cannot read the info text as the white background from the popup window is missing: Is there any possibility to add a new css class or styling to just change the look of this kind of form or is it impossible with the coding as it is? Thanks in advance, Phil
  13. Thanks for the hint! I'll give it a shot and see what I can accomplish :D
  14. Hey there, I have a small question about the URL the main logo points to. In the template "logo" href attribute is set with {setting="base_url"}. I now want to change that link within some (or all) applications to link back to that app and not to the root path/ default app. So if I'm in the forum I want to get /forum, in the gallery /gallery and e.g. in the calendar the link should be /calendar (the blog application is our default app). Is there any way to do this with stock IPS features or would this require some coding? Thanks in advance for any help Phil
    The button itself works as expected, but with a huge disadvantage: Wherever the editor is displayed global announcements are styled wrong. After uninstalling the button the announcements went back to normal for me. (IPS 4.4.3, also with default theme and disabled 3rd party addons) What it should look like: What it looks like when the editor with the message box button is present:
  15. I totally missed that 🙄 ... thank you very much!
  16. Hey there, is it possible to use PHP within the pages application or is there any 3rd party plugin / application that would allow to use PHP in specific pages? I wanted to build a gameserver viewer with a PHP library but creating an application just for this use seems a litte bit over the top. Thanks for any help or hints, Phil
  17. Perfect, thanks Adriano. This is not urgent so waiting is perfectly fine 🙂
  18. Hey @Adriano Faria I am not sure if my post slipped through. Any thoughts about a teaser text? Thanks in advance 🙂
  19. I see and I totally agree. Thanks for the clarification 🙂
  20. Thanks for the fast reply 🙂 I tried with https://hytale.com/ and https://hytale.com/media Yes, but as soon as you save the post and you edit it again you cannot move the embedded content anymore. It behaves like it is content you wrote. You would have to cut and paste it to move it. Best regards, Phil
  21. I tested this plugin with Nathans plugin and I couldn't find any errors, so I would assume that both plugins are working side by side without any conflict. Both internal and external links are rich embedded (except internal links that are pointing e.g. to /forums or /calendar, but this is normal. Only records are embedded). @A Zayed I have some small question though: After embedding external links the embedded content is editable. My suggestion would be, if possible, to prevent editing so users or mods do not accidentally alter the embedding. This happens only after embedding, saving and editing the post again Are only those images pulled by the plugin that are marked as meta or og-image? I tested with a site with a lot of images and only the title and text is pulled (I checked to pull every available information) Is it a wanted behaviour that we cannot move the embedded content like the default ones (e.g. quotes or videos with the little movement indicator in the top left corner). Same as above, only after saving and editing the post again Cheers, Phil
  22. Hey Adriano, I have a small question or feature suggestion. For each position you can enter a description of what this position is about. This description has it's styling in the detailed view while it has just a plain text description in the overview of all positions (which you can expand). Detailed view Overview (plain text) Would it be possible or would it be a good idea to have an additional and short "teaser" text where you enter just a short description, which is displayed while viewing all positions as all the markdown / styling like lists is lost in the overview. When viewing one position in particular we could then use the more detailed text with lists and styling like bold or italic text and links, etc. Best regards, Phil
  23. Tested. Works. Simple as that 😄 Thanks a lot. Just a little thing: I have a background task in my dashboard with 100% progress (TS3 Updating all members profile status caches...). Is this related to the app or to IPS? It should be removed at 100%, shouldn't it? Edit: It looks like the task queue is now locking 🤔
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