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  1. I just bought the app today, was just wondering if there is a way to have the images bigger on the profile but not in the post bit? Ideally I'd like to keep the post bit small while show off the full award on the members profile you see.
  2. I don't believe so unfortunately, the dev never got back to me. Its a shame as a really good app!
    I bought this application back in January and loved it, it was a great addition for my community but since the 12th May it has stopped working, this is believed to be down to a Twitch API change which was advised by a community member here. I contacted the dev via PM as soon as it stopped working but they haven't been online for nearly a month. My PM has not been read or replied to. The only reason I am giving a one star at the moment, is that the app doesn't work and I wouldn't recommend buying it until it is updated, that and the lack of communication from the dev.
  3. Wow thanks for doing that, I really do appreciate it! Hopefully the app will be updated as I loved it.
  4. Hello all, I have been using the Twitch Integration application for a while now and everything was fine up until a few weeks ago after a stream I noticed it still showed me online, even the following morning. I removed my channel from the application to try an fix it, but then could not add any channels back. I have tried everything I can think of to fix it, complete reinstall etc. I contacted the dev @LZDigital two weeks ago but they have not been online since early May, I was wondering if someone would be interested in having a look for me? I will pay for your time of course. Kind regards, Madiakz
  5. It still shows the option to buy points in the block, then just throws an error which doesn't look to go to be honest, if you could add an option to disable please I'd appreciate it :)
  6. Hey guys, Any idea how you can disable Buy Points? I have checked all over and cannot find out of to do this.
    I had very high hopes for this theme as like a lot of people I don't really like the white/light look on websites and compared to my other themes this was reasonably priced. Unfortunately there are a few bugs currently, for example I cannot click on my username in the top right of the forum to access the ACP, there is also an image missing from the footer so I am left with that horrible missing icon image. I contacted Veilon to request a refund as I was quite disappointed, I didn't want to cause a fuss about it to be honest, I have never requested a refund on here for anything before, but the response I got was "The theme does not give guarantees that you will be happy, it has other features. For this reason I can't make a refund." I work in customer service so I always try to resolve things amicably, but I will now have to take this up with PayPal.
  7. @TheJackal84 Thank you for the swift reply, I appreciate it. The reason I would like a maximum amount to be earned for topics/posts as I will be using it for Steam keys I would like to keep a limit on what is done points wise, I don't want someone just spamming to get points for the keys you see. With regards to the members log, I would like to see a log of Player1 sent Player2 100 points, again just to keep track, if someone makes multiple accounts to try and work around it I want to be able to track those points. Is there an ETA on the Commerce script being released? This is one feature I would really like.
  8. Hello, Couple of questions before purchasing. Can you set a limit for the amount of points earned in a day for topics/posts? Is there a log of points sent between members? I see there is for purchases, just wondered about members. Can you set a "wage" for example VIP's get 100 points awarded per day/week. Is there any plans to integrate this with Commerce, by that I mean purchase real item for either £10 or 500 points? I would really love that, I see a few do a currency exchange rate, but I would much rather have it as purchased with the points themselves if possible. Really like the look of this app and some others you do, great work. Please @ so I see the reply. Thank you.
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