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  1. Version 2.1.0


    This application integrates Twitch into your forum! It includes the Twitch Sign-in Method, Streams Widget, and a Twitch tab that shows a member's Twitch stream on their profile page. Features: Includes and integrates Twitch Sign-In Method A streams widget that displays live streams on your forum Cleaner admin interface to manage streams on your forum Members watch streams right on the forum Displays member's Twitch stream in their member profile ( Applies to members that link Twitch ) Uses the latest Twitch API Check if a member is subscribed to a channel and places in appropriate group It is recommended to read the Readme file included before installation of the application. Compatible with 4.3+ Update Coming Soon!!


  2. Version 1.4.10


    This widget allows you to display Twitch Streams on your forum! Features: Works with Twitch Login Method Tabbed Interface - Can turn other tabs on or off at will! Custom adding of other Streams Streams update without page refresh (AJAX) Members can watch streams right on your board! Permissions - Select which groups the widget is visible to Due to changes in the Twitch API, everyone that wants to use the API is now required to include a Twitch Client ID. There is a new setting for this in the widget settings. If you have any issues feel free to PM me.


  3. Version 2.0.0


    This plugin will allow users to sign into your forum through Twitch Oauth2. Existing users can link their accounts in their account settings. Features: Syncs a users Twitch display name to their account. Existing users can link their accounts to Twitch.


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