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  1. Yeah we will probably continue using discord as it is completely integrated with our site, they have to be a member to access discord and the gaming community we are focused on are very heavy on discord. Thank you though that does look pretty good.
  2. Ok we have just added this for the ladder function and immediately we are receiving feedback about the pyramid vs a standard ranking system. And when I say started receiving feedback, it was within a minute on our discord...
  3. Looks like its been pulled from the marketplace
  4. See the first topic for instructions on how to use this... its not a plugin
  5. You set this up under the notification settings... you will need to set up one for topics and one for posts if you want the replies too.
  6. Are you wanting from discord to the forums?
  7. This does not embed the chat channels
  8. @SoftwareFactory Can you add to the next update for when they are visiting the invite page that it redirects back to that page after they sign in or register automatically?
  9. What was in today's update since the version did not change
  10. Just sent a PM with issues on magic invites... links are not working for some reason. https://www.urgentfury.com/invite/join/
  11. Latest update is great, I did not realize the widget would link to the magic invites... think I am going to finally make the step to all users in the discord have to register on the site
  12. Did the update properly, all of the views work until I actually go to an article itself then I get an error... any ideas?
  13. Does this address the rate limits as well?
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