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  1. @403 - Forbideen This application can be translated in the ACP
  2. Thanks for the help, everything is working as expected now :) Could you point out to me why the release is not pulled from steam or how this is done?
  3. Glad to hear that you like the idea 🙂 I'll stay tuned, thanks so far
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, the solution looks good and works, but the button won't disappear after being clicked. I tested the missing release section with an older game and it is also missing there, has it been removed or might this be a bug? Cheers, Phil
  5. I installed the app on our live community and the "problems" are gone, seems like secured communities with htaccess might have a problem or it was the cron having a small hickup. Doesn't matter, it works now and it looks really great, so thanks for the app 🙂 Unfortunately I chose a game with transparent background screenshots and white text (not visible with the white forum background), but this is nothing you or I could do about it, it is the developer of the game who chose to use such screenshots. One question remains: In the screenshots you can see a "Reveal hidden content" link while the app uses just a "More..." link, also on the demo forums you linked. Would it be possible to change that link? You can easily miss the more link and the other version in the screenshots looks better in my opinion. Edit: The "Released" section is missing for me (game: PC Building Simulator). Shouldn't it alway be extracted from steampowered.com? Release date was the 29th Jan 2019 Thanks, Phil
  6. Hey there, I have a small suggestion / feature request. Would it be possible to implement another way of displaying the FAQs with expanding the questions? So that you can see all the questions in a category with an arrow pointing downwards and when you click on the question it is expanded and reveals the answer? Thanks, Phil
  7. Hey guys, is there a trick on how to properly update our outdated language strings? I've translated our community and some language strings are flagged as outdated. When I update those language strings they are still flagged as outdated, but not all of them. Some get recognized as updated and the flag is removed. How can we remove the outdated flag, when the translation is still correct and there is no actual update needed? Thanks, Phil
  8. Hey Adriano, I found another missing language string in storage settings: filestorage__staffappsystem_applicationCField Cheers
    This should be a stock feature of IPS. It eases group management and you're able to display your communities hierarchy.
  9. @Jim M and @bfarber thanks for the tips and help. It did the trick
  10. Oh shoot.. if this really is the problem I could punch myself. Thanks for pointing that out, I hope this is causing the problem as it would be the most easiest fix. I didn't think of that as all requirements during the installation have been green (I guess IPS is checking for a version value higher than defined). Will report back with the result.
  11. Hey guys, I hope you can help me. We wanted to migrate our server and switching from Plesk to a self managed webserver. Now we have the following problem: mod_rewrite is activated and working for the first layer of urls (/login, /forums, /blogs, etc.). All deeper layers won't work e.g. the link to a thread or subforum etc. Those sites cannot be found by the suite (Error code: 1S160/2). Could somebody point out what could cause this problem? Server config: OS: Ubuntu 18.04 PHP: 7.3 Database: MySQL 15.2 (using readline 5.2) Webserver: Apache 2.4.37 AllowOverride is set to All .htaccess is working (checked as we use AuthBasic and the first layers work) Thanks in advance, Phil
  12. I just started it once, so this might be the problem. I'll check this again. Thanks for the hint so far.
  13. Hey there, I've been testing the app on our demo forum but the game list isn't loading it stays empty for everything I enter. Now our demo board is secured by htaccess (as it must to be done according to IPS staff) and has no cron running. I manually started the task which pulls the games. Is this a bug or is it related to my mentioned setup? Thanks in advance, Phil
  14. Sounds great! Thanks a lot
  15. Pre-Sale question: Are we able to choose the language of the pulled information? I am using a german board and while I almost play every game in english myself I have many users who don't speak english at all or not well enough to be able to use an english version. Thanks, Phil
  16. Sorry for the late replay. I think this is the best solution! So we can decide if we want to tell the applicants why they've been declined or approved. Great work there, thanks a lot 🙂
  17. @MMXII There is a free plugin available for this I haven't tested this myself but I think this is what you're looking for.
  18. Hey there, what exactly does the "Allow internal Links" setting do? I assume it embeds internal links, but isn't this already done by IPS itself? Or does this extend the functionality which is limited to the forums to every part of the site? Thanks in advance, Phil
  19. Alright perfect, thank you very much. As it is in the backend it isn't such a big deal. Looking forward to the update, sounds good with the new feature 🙂
  20. That sounds like a good start, thanks for pointing that out to me, I have to admit I didn't think of that. I can definately work with that right now. What would come in handy with the filtering option is that we wouldn't have to go through hundreds of pages. It should be more or less fast though as you can "jump" I think 10 pages in one step but it still takes some time until you reach the app you're looking for. I'll stay tuned and hope that this might be implemented 🙂
  21. Hey, thanks for the reply. I use this information text right now to inform the user what he is about to do and that staff will review the request (in the Delete My Account addon). So an extra setting would be great as I am using a small list what the user has to know plus the legal terms I need (thanks to GDPR -.-°). Furthermore I'd like to cross-link between your addon and Adriano's addon so the user can choose if he wants to delete or just deactivate the account for the time being. I think this information text is a bit to small for this. If I enter all the information I need on the other hand this would extend the information bar too much. The text is in german but here you can see what I try to achieve: Best regards, Phil
  22. Hi Faqole, first of all thanks for this great addon. Would it be possible that you add an account closing agreement where we can inform our users what will happen when they close their account and what they can do to reactivate it (a WYSIWYG editor in the AdminCP)? Adriano has this done for his account deletion addon and I'd like to use both of the addons with different information for each of it (including some GDPR information). Thanks in advance, Phil
  23. Hey Adriano, I have a question with this application. We can enter different deletion agreements for each language, but they're all written down at the same time when a user wants to delete his/her account. So we have: The "," is indeed also there. I think this might be a bug? I entered the agreements for each language and saved them. After saving they get combined for each language as the example above. A small feature request: Instead of choosing all of the groups could you add a checkbox which selects all groups automatically? Like we have in some other parts of IPS? Best regards, Phil
    This application does exactly what it is supposed to do plus the support is great and super fast. It's very easy to manage positions with this app. Just create an application your users can see and apply for. If you accept the users application they can be automatically promoted and start with their work right away. Uses a lot of nice notifications so you always know what you're up to (both staff and applicant).
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