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Adriano Faria

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When I click on a letter without content starting by the letter, I get the standard blank page of the empty forum.   So far normal, but the letters bar disappears. In order to filter again, I have to click backwards on the browser.

I tried with the standard template and it does the same thing. 
Would it be possible to keep the letter bar visible when there are no results ?  for future upgrades at least.  It's a little annoying but also not very important since most of us using this plugin will have lots of topics to sort. 

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3 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:


Does it show up in mobile devices? I honestly don’t remember. I guess it shouldn’t as there is no much space for it.

It does and works perfectly on mobile too. 


I guess the layout isn't that bad. At least the letters are still big enough to tap. 


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WOW, incredible response time. 👍

I'll try and find the correct template and remove it. Thank you.


WOW, that wasn't hard. I found the correct template file thanks to the search feature. I then removed 1 line of code, and now it's gone.

Thank you for recommending for me to do it that way. Easy fix.

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