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Registration issues on Android devices

Michael R

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59 minutes ago, Michael R said:

I have members trying to sign up using Android devices. They claim it is too difficult to use the date selection on this phone. Takes too long apparently. I cannot test. Does anyone know what the issue is exactly and if there is a way I can make it easier for them?

I just checked and can't see issue myself yeah the date view different to iPhone and maybe difficult if have issues with selected small text.

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1 hour ago, Michael R said:

They claim it is too hard to swipe the screen 700 times in order to scroll on the date widget to select the birth year.

Sorry to say this but.....



Dear Google/device vendor,

Could you improve the native OS date select functionality on <insert Android device> please?




...as that is what is ultimately being used.

However you could point out to users that....

if they tap on the year then they get a year list to scroll through.

And the month display then has left/right arrows to go back/forward in time.

I've just chosen my date of birth on your site in 2 taps, scroll to my year, tap left 8 times (because I was born early in the year) and then tapped on the day and then tap set in about 3 seconds.

I'm pretty sure that your user(s) will have an epiphany when they realise that they've been swiping unnecessarily for <insert amount of time they have been using Android devices>

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