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Detect "really active" members ?


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We're trying to detect "really active" members of our community in order to try to reward them. The best way (in our minds) could be some kind of "dynamic group" where the "really active" members may be in.

In our idea, the "really active" members are the members that have posted a certain amount of posts in a recent period of time and in specific sections of the community/forum. 

The purpose is to encourage valuable participation by rewarding it, dynamically.

I don't know if it is clear, but the key (for us) is the identification of such members : the automatic promotion system does not allow such fine search. So if anyone has some clues about how to make it happen, we're all listening (reading)...



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You can use group promotions to move members into different groups, options include when they last logged in or when they last posted but not quantity of posts. 

There is also an option to only use the promotion for members with content count more than though so you could work around it with something like 

Members that have logged in and posted in the last 7 days with more than 500 posts are moved into the VIP group.

Members that haven’t logged in the last 7 days are moved into the peasant group.

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thankyou @dayh, but it is not fine enough, we would like to encourage "recent valuable participation" :

. recent = in the last X days/months/years ;

. valuable = in specific sections of the community (the technical ones) ;

. participation = a certain amount of posts (in the "recent" lapse of time).


It may not work, but for us it sounds like a great idea... 

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The Leaderboard's purpose most closely matches what you're trying to accomplish.  It doesn't have nearly much depth as what you want, but can be used to show valuable contributions in custom timeframes.  You can use 'Past Leaders' to show daily winners; the 'Leaderboard' can be set to custom timeframes to show; or you can use 'Top Leaders' to show cumulative content or reputation for all time.  

Even if IPS builds you an amazing events system to trigger dynamic groups, what awards system are you going to use?  I'm not very happy with either trophies system in the Marketplace, and IPS only ships with pips, ranks, and titles.  


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Thankyou for your comment @Joel R, the Leaderboard sounds great just to "see" who's the most appreciated in the community. It does not seem to be a good "reward" enough to generate participation motivation (or addiction if you prefer).

Te "reward" we're thinking about is just a group with greater rights, quotas, and anything that could be interesting (without compromising community's security of course) for the "really active" users. We've not yet think hard on what could be that "VIP group" in our community because for the moment we don't know how to identify those members...

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