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  1. As it says on the tin, why show the Secondary Nav Bar on mobile and tablet in portrait mode where links are not shown? Seems a bit odd and a waste of space.
  2. What you charge your users in the App Store would be up to you, the cost I was talking about is us the website owners to IPS for the app files.
  3. I don’t think that’s the question. The question is how does IPS create and support an Android and iOS app with push notifications that’s affordable for their clients whilst profitable for company and does not stretch their resources. Well that’s the question I would like to believe is being asked and causing a lot of head scratching at IPS HQ. I would also be surprised if they haven’t at least looked at the possibility of an in house app team with the potential of app based only communities. Don’t any of you Dev’s dare quote me and say the thought has never crossed your minds, let me dream even if it may never come true.
  4. Dump the Windows machine in the nearest skip, head over to https://www.apple.com/mac/, give it a day or two to get used to the switch then come back and say thank you David 😉
  5. It’s also used by Chrome on Android phones to change the colour of the browser UI at the top to match your site. So if I have a one Red theme, one Blue theme and one Green theme, I’m unable to change the Theme Colour to match without editing the includeMeta template.
  6. I released it to the members last night, even with the few bits remaining and they all loved it. Not being funny but if I can bodge something together in a day and half, the developers shouldn't have too many problems. Members comments > https://dcfcfans.uk/topic/31826-dcfc-fans-night-mode-beta/ And here's the 99.9% finished look.
  7. I've just ran an invert tool in Pixelmator on the Mac and it's actually saved me a bunch of CSS overwrites. Uploaded the file if it's any use for anyone looking to take the challenge on.
  8. Nice one, will take a look at doing this, pretty much done now apart from this and embedded content. Although saying that I thought I was almost done several times then something else pops up I've missed.
  9. Theme color is now set in the Icons & Logos page which is fine if you are running one theme. If you run multiple themes with different colour options, you have to manually edit the includeMeta template. Would make more sense if the theme color was set within the themes options.
  10. Sat down this morning, 9am UK time and thought I'm doing a night mode, it's happening. It's now almost 8pm and I'm 98% there. Although I must confess I took a 2hr afternoon nap. It all comes down to this editor toolbar, the image sprite has all kinds of shading on the icons so it's not a simple whack a white layer on the top. 😫 Also I need to figure out how to darken the lazy loading backgrounds whilst loading in as it's bright white, and taking a few screenshots just now I'll probably change the follow button and that's it. Possible but like I said earlier, a real ball ache.
  11. True, but it’s a ball ache creating a dark theme, the editor in particular. I must have started one at least 5 times and gave up as there’s so many areas and pages fearing that by time I finished 5.0 would be released. How many customers don’t feel comfortable using web inspect and creating a custom.css file so end up using the default theme with a logo uploaded? Fair few I would imagine. IPS are really missing a trick not bundling in a Night Mode in the package and using it as a selling point, would it take those that created the templates that long to create one? A day or two maybe, being generous allowing for coffee and toilet breaks. Twitter has by far the best night mode on any site, the dark blue would be a nice alternative to the default IPS white and blue theme.
  12. Easier on the eyes I guess for some, better than bright whites.....if only those that used the software the code created had the same option.
  13. Would be nice wouldn’t it? Desktop users are able to hover over the title and click mark topic read, mobile and tablet users do not have that luxury. I have no solution, I just know I want it if this is deemed worthy of addressing by the IPS Dev Gods.
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