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  1. Update, width auto works better 🙂 #twitter-widget-0 {width: auto!important;}
  2. Ok, temporary fix, might not be the best thing in the world to do but I can tell you it works. In custom.css add @media(max-width: 667px) { #twitter-widget-0 {width: 325px!important;} } If a embedded tweet is quoted it does creep outside the block quote box, but not by much. You can reduce the width further if it really bothers you. Better than what it was anyway!
  3. I know this has been passed off as a Twitter issue, but I was just browsing a forum using Xenforo and embedded Tweets are behaving fine. 🤔 http://www.redcafe.net/threads/leeds-staff-spies-on-derby.444310/ Same tweet embedded on IPS and....
  4. Q - When can I download it? A - When it’s ready™️ Just thought I’d help get that one cleared up straight from the off. Brb, off to play.
  5. Mobile app you say, hmmm....now there’s an idea.... 💡 😃
  6. That lazy loading thing, yeah you...
  7. Does this mean the end of the page jumping about whilst loading pages with multiple embedded tweets in Safari? 🙏
  8. Would be nice to have the ability to rename them, then the search field would be more useable. I currently have 17 pages of attachments, all with file names I have no hope of finding. Take the Yes Sir gif for example, if I could go in and rename that, I could quickly find and use that again. I know the built in gif button is on its way, and I know you can rename the file before uploading, but many people use mobiles and tablets more where this isn’t possible. Maybe renaming them through the software isn’t possible technically possible either, but if you don’t ask you don’t get right?
  9. You can use group promotions to move members into different groups, options include when they last logged in or when they last posted but not quantity of posts. There is also an option to only use the promotion for members with content count more than though so you could work around it with something like Members that have logged in and posted in the last 7 days with more than 500 posts are moved into the VIP group. Members that haven’t logged in the last 7 days are moved into the peasant group.
  10. The problem with this is it only covers one tip and remains on view to all members until removed from the template. I think there is a wide range of tips, not just how to access unread posts that could be displayed to new users on sign up. Users would be notified with one on each daily login for example, either in th notification area or as you have shown above but dismissible.
  11. I like that, although I don’t have pages myself or a sidebar. The dot/star tip doesn’t really effect my site anymore as I’ve tinkered with the templates and clicking the topic title automatically takes you to the first unread, was thinking of the wider usage of sites. I know the activity feeds have this as an option but if you navigate through individual forums rather than use the activity stream by default you need to click the dot. I’m sure having this as a tip for those who are not comfortable editing templates or playing around with pages would benefit from tips being built into the notification system.
  12. For those that have iPhones you will be aware of the tips app that is pre installed, when you’ve setup your shiny new phone you receive occasional notifications on how to use the phone. Wouldn’t it be nice if IPS had a similar system for the forums now that FAQ pages are a thing of the past, we just expect users to know how to use the forum. What about forum virgins dipping their toes into online communities for the first time? When new members register, for the first week, two or month they receive tips in their notifications..... Did you know you could mention other users by typing @ followed by the users name? Did you know, if you highlight text you wish to quote? Did you know you could upload your own photo? Did you know pressing the dot next to the topic title takes you to the first unread post? You get the idea right. It would be great for existing users to also receive these tips for the same period if this feature was added. There would be a bunch of default tips setup in the admin panel, but you would have the ability to add your own or disable some of the default tips. The user could quickly turn these off in his/her settings if they don’t want to receive them. If this is possible or not I don’t know, that’s for the developers to decide, I’m just here with the bright ideas which I believe this is a great one. I see so many people on Facebook, Twitter and my own forum discover things that I think are basic features years after having an account, as owners and software developers we probably all don’t do enough to help ease new users to forums. One of my biggest pet hates of this software is the clicking of the dot to be taken to the first unread posts, the developers believe this is great as it is, but a user who only accesses the internet on mobile device and new to forums, does not have the ability to hover a finger over and see the tooltip which says go to unread posts. The tips notification would educate them on this. Other than being technically impossible, I see no reason why this would not be great for all forums and a great way to help users understand how to use our sites better. Matt, Brandon, Lindy, I won’t tag you but if one of you sees this and thinks that’s a bloody good idea, don’t leave me hanging, this is probably the longest post I’ve made the effort to post on here 😂
  13. Seen this request before and once again I beg of the devs to listen to our pleas. As a fellow football forum owner, this would be huge for us. One of the reasons I’ve stopped using the Promote feature is the uploaded image is not embedded into the card as shown above. Looks much more tidy and clickable than an image with a raw link which currently happens. Without an image uploaded you get the card format but with the default OG image, but users become blind to them over time and scroll past without reading, having that unique image can grab your attention and lure the click. I don’t fancy having to edit each topic and include a photo in to then tweet, I get it’s practically the same thing, but if this was included in the Promote section it would be much easier and make sense. Please IPS, I’m your biggest fan in my house, honour this request and you will have my love for years to come. Think you are missing the point, whilst the Promote tool allows you to upload an image, when it’s sent to Twitter it displays as the tweet, raw link and photo below. What we would like is for that image to be embedded into the card as shown in the opening post. The nice little border, sexual curves on the photo, with a line from the opening post underneath in a cute little box and the tweet you write shown above.
  14. Yep, fixed now, forgot to mention but I was on Safari, the latest MacOS Mojave update
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