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Hi, I am a relatively new customer to IPBoard and would like to request the feature:

Profile Member Access Feature

So that users in my forums can select which members or groups of members can see their Profile (or not see their profile). (Similar to the Facebook Profile, yes, mostly because there's quite a few who still want to share personal details/life milestones with others but no longer trust doing so on the Facebook platform.)

We are looking for a smaller online community where some friends/family can join, and share life milestones with less worry about Facebook privacy issues and who FB gives access to.

It looks like the Invision Board Profile page is almost there, just need the ability to select which members can view or which members cannot view.

I'm guessing Ignore wouldn't do it, because Ignored Member -> can still view profile of person doing the ignoring? Whereas the desire is just wanting to keep their own profile privately viewable to some members, but not others, but still see the posts of all members in the forums?

Thank you and forgive me if this has been asked before.

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Hello Jayjayel,

You might be interested in the following third party files in the IPS Marketplace, both seem to about fit your request: 😊

https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8982-profile-privacy/ , and its support topic can be found here

https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8840-profile-viewing-privacy/ , and for this file its support topic can be found here

The topics are usually the 'first stop' if you wished to ask the author(s) any questions about their files regarding what options and settings (both from a user and an admin point of view) etc they offer as well as any other queries you may have related to the files. :smile:

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By default, there is no personal data on a user's profile page. The only way anything "personal" could show up there is if the admin added custom fields to prompt the user for more information and then had those fields show on the profile page. So if the admin were to ask the user for their favorite color and checked the box to show on the profile page then that might be a personal bit of information. Otherwise, there's nothing personal on the profile page by default.

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There may be a alternative solution here..


On 9/6/2018 at 2:45 PM, Jayjayel said:

So that users in my forums can select which members or groups of members can see their Profile (or not see their profile)

Your only choice as the software is now is to move the users into a moderator group and individually assign each one permissions as to what they can or can not do in that group. If you didn't have a lot of users this would work, if you had a lot of requests for memberships, it may be tedious to say the least, but it is a solution.

How this would work also is you'd create a new profile field and chose not to turn on "Show publicly on member's profile". That way this only shows to the moderator group or staff. That's the only option now as I see it unless someone creates a specific plug-in for you.

You could hide each custom field you create doing this but not the entire page.

Kind Regards

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Thank you everyone for your reply. I'll look into the ideas that were shared. I just heard about the recent FB breach, which further cements the desire to have also a smaller shared community, rather than relying only on a worldwide one and IPB seems to almost be it.

(Example use cases: like for our preschool community or groups of friends/family, but such that when new ppl get added existing members might want some control over which members can see their full profile feed. Regarding the personal fields, we haven't touched upon it, we were more thinking along the lines of the existing "Profile feeds" and if members could have some control over which other members/groups of members could view it.)


Thanks again, if anyone else has ideas, please share.

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