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Is this a bug in the shipping rates system?


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When setting the shipping rates, creating a new one using number of items purchased you can't ever seem to save one.

Even the default value  between 0 and 1  does not work.   I tried all sorts of numbers and it's always the same response.



Anyone else have this issue?

CIC, 4.3.5






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39 minutes ago, Mark said:

If you have one value that is just between 0 and 1, numbers higher than 1 aren't covered. Whatever is last in the list needs to be between something and "Any value".

Yes, I was thinking of them as discreet rules for each scenario I guess, rather than building them into one. 

The difference shipping wise is so insane here if you go over.  I got killed on the last few orders because the shipping rules at the post office changed.  I lost money on everything I sold. 

$2.50 to $18 to ship the same thing....  I bought a vacuum packer and that solved the problem.   Phew.


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14 hours ago, opentype said:

How? It needs to be its own shipping option so users can select an option of the two. And both need to be selected in the product’s settings. 

Ah, which tab? I'm unable to spot it myself but I haven't added any to the products. This makes sense!

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