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Problem with inability to access developer mode

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Problem with inability to access developer mode
I have a problem with developer mode and I am asking for help to solve it.

I have the same problem, both in the test installation and in the installation that will be put into production, when the website is opened.

Being deactivated all applications, plugins and third party themes, if I try to access the developer mode, I get the following error message:

OutOfRangeException thrown with message ""

#5 OutOfRangeException in /home/talenta/test.talentaaurea.org/system/Patterns/ActiveRecord.php:142
#4 IPS\Patterns\_ActiveRecord:load in /home/talenta/test.talentaaurea.org/system/Developer/Developer.php:477
#3 IPS\_Developer:synchronize in /home/talenta/test.talentaaurea.org/system/Developer/Developer.php:47
#2 IPS\_Developer:sync in /home/talenta/test.talentaaurea.org/system/Dispatcher/Admin.php:62
#1 IPS\Dispatcher\_Admin:init in /home/talenta/test.talentaaurea.org/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php:110
#0 IPS\_Dispatcher:i in /home/talenta/test.talentaaurea.org/admin/index.php:13

The IPS 4.16 files and the corresponding dev files for this build are already uploaded on the server.

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Is the DEFAULT_THEME_ID constant overridden in your constants.php ?

If not, have you deleter any of your themes? Please take a look at the themes, is there one with the ID 1? If not, override the DEFAULT_THEME_ID in your constants.php with the ID of your new default theme.

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Thank you very much.

The solution has worked correctly. I had modified the ID of the default IPS theme, since I deleted the original one due to a problem I had. By defining the constant, as you have indicated ( in my case: '\define( 'DEFAULT_THEME_ID', 10 );' ) everything loads correctly again in developer mode.

Thanks again and best regards

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