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Twitter login doesn't work


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We've corrected this here.

For other customers that may come across this topic in future... If you're seeing this issue on your own community, Twitter recently required that a valid callback uri is provided for Twitter logins. You can find this URL in your AdminCP by editing the Twitter login handler. Provide this URL to Twitter by editing your Twitter application and filling in the callback uri field.

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22 hours ago, Joel R said:

This is for the IPS website.  

I should have added that I would have been happy to submit a ticket for IPS community if you could transfer the license for InvisionCommunity.com to me.  Your license for InvisionCommunity.com better come with priority support though.  Just saying.  

Would have done some other (minor) touch ups as well ... Probably installed a hot pink theme as a tribute to 3.4's ACP, installed Commerce to sell some IPS swag, maybe install the Marketplace to add some extra enhancements and bling.  

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