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  1. The social login button is not working in the checkout page (no redirect when click on button) but work fine in the login page. Probably a bug 😞
  2. I have not this screen, same in your website in the checkout page, no login option.
  3. In prestashop or woocommerce by example, i have Sign in button... in IPS Commerce, only option is create a account... and i have many user have multiple account now.
  4. When a user purchase a product in the store, he does not have possibility to login in the checkout page if they have already a account. Why not add a step with the possibility to connect with username/password or facebook, twitter connect before step 1?
  5. Probably the same problem on all websites powered by Invision Community and who use the sign in with Twitter.
  6. "Something went wrong. Please try again."
  7. Hello How to Install ? The file is corex34x_ipbplanetcom.ipb ? No XML ? EDIT: OK, rename the file "corex34x_ipbplanetcom.ipb" to "corex34x_ipbplanetcom.zip". :)
  8. Hello, How generate an invoice with IPS 4 on a page outside IPS Commerce? Is that possible? Like IPS 3: https://www.invisionpower.com/support/guides/_/advanced-and-developers/ipnexus/how-to-interact-with-purchases-r113
  9. Why the change of url increased from $15 to $20 ? From support : I pay $ 175 and renewal every six months but I can not use my license, my project falls into the water, I am obliged to disburse $20 for URL change, then my project does not work, I am forced to disburse $20 for URL change.... again and again... Specify clearly on your website the limits....
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