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Rob ter Linden

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On my website I want to create a boardgame database so people can add it as favorite product.
The website is about boardgames and I am not selling boardgames but give the users the ability to add their favorite boardgames to their list and give reviews.
So with the "bought" products they have their own boardgames list that they own.

I also would be happy if it is just possible to create products that cannot be sold but generate a Top 10 products or so.




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Check with @opentype since he's the guru in Pages but here's an idea ... 

1. Create an IP.Pages database of your board games.  Each record is a new board game.  

2. Users can review and rate board games.

3. Add to their own list ... Not sure.  You can potentially use Bookmarks by @Fosters and change the wording from 'bookmark' to 'game shelf'.  That would allow users to bookmark those games and add to both a private and public collection.  You can maybe contact @Fosters to see if you can limit bookmarks to just that pages database.


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Yeah, don’t use Commerce for that if you don’t want to sell anything. You need Pages databases. Probably different ones that are linked. 

Coincidentally I am just working on “SuperReviews”, a Pages template set made for review databases. I keep your use case in mind for it. 

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