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  1. Tried to delete everything again and uploaded the new ones and it works! Thanks! Looks like I have uploaded the same version I deleted... 🤐
  2. Upgraded to 4.4 and updated the plugin with the latest. Getting the following error when opening a item which contains reviews or the review itself: Website: www.tafeltop.nl Could you help me out?
    Great slider and amazing support! Asked if it was possible to support Blogs with the slider. A new update support the latest IPS version and Blogs! Highly recommended!
  3. Would love to do so but I don't have SFTP access to the Invision Cloud. I think I have to create a support ticket to upload it to my instance.
  4. Sure no problem! Thanks for the support.
  5. Thanks! I am just checking out the installation PDF. It needs some things to be uploaded but I am on the cloud so I am goin to add a support request to upload things. Is it ok to upload the zip file to the support ticket?
  6. Ok bought the theme. I hope I can figure things out 😉
  7. Looks awesome! Is it possible by the Our Picks settings to use latest blogs? Currently looking for a new theme but I am using blogs a lot and want them to showcase it.
  8. @Heosforo could you help me on this? 🙂
  9. I cannot seem to find where to change the text color for the blogs etc. Thanks!
  10. It all worked out and looks great! Is there a way to hide the creator of the item in bordspellen? Created a custom block with superreview template.
  11. See few post above. Can you notice anything I am doing wrong @opentype? Thanks!
  12. Sorry to ask, but I tried mulitple times now to get the option 3 setup and running. But I am still can't get it to work or I don't understand the correct working 😉 What I have done: Created two databases, one called bordspellen and the other one is called reviews. Both setup with the following settings: Created the link within the Review DB Setup de plugin SuperReview Settings This gives me the a working page where I created a record (Boardgames) but there is nowhere I can add a review? Hope you can help me with it? Would love to create a boardgame database where people can leave reviews. Thanks!
  13. Ahh ok thanks for the quick answers! I will wait until the fix is there. - The fix works. It shows the latest 2 posts. 🙂
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