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How to change all amazon links to make them referral?


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Hi there!

My Community has millions of posts and there are a lot of links to amazon when users are asking for purchasing advice. This links aren‘t referral tho, so we don‘t see any money from this. 

Is there any possibility to search for all the amazon links in the database and change them to referrel links? 

Whenever I tried to automaticly change those links the link didn‘t work anymore or the post itself was broken.

Any suggestions?


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2 hours ago, Markus Jung said:

Have you tried VigLink?

I use Viglink but damn, they take their cut ON TOP OF Amazon's cut and there isn't much revenue left to trickle down to the publisher. 

I'd love a way to for all amazon links on my forum to be affiliated. There has to  be a way to do it. 

Anyone ? 

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