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  1. Sorry, can't give you access to the ACP. I will send you our theme, tho. It should help with problem solving. Keep in mind it's for testing purposes only, as we hold the rights of use. P.S. Just tested again, if I choose the default template as a guest the error does not occur.
  2. Hi there, we unfortunately have a problem with your Plugin and our theme. We're using the Dimensions theme from ipsfocus. When I activate your plugin it shows the errors you see in the attached files. The error comes from our design, apparently the app segregates something from the JS code of our design, which then leads to the incorrect display and function. Can you please provide support? Otherwise I can not use your app. Thank you!
  3. Hello! I purchased your plugin a while ago and can't renew it now. Do I have do purchase it again?
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