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  1. Hello! I purchased your plugin a while ago and can't renew it now. Do I have do purchase it again?
  2. Hi there! My Community has millions of posts and there are a lot of links to amazon when users are asking for purchasing advice. This links aren‘t referral tho, so we don‘t see any money from this. Is there any possibility to search for all the amazon links in the database and change them to referrel links? Whenever I tried to automaticly change those links the link didn‘t work anymore or the post itself was broken. Any suggestions? Thanks!
    This Plugin works very well if you're using a lot of videos on your forums like I do. We write video game guides and need to implement a lot of youtube videos in a single post. This plugin allows a really fast loading time when open up that post. Mike also gives great support! All in all I'm very happy!
  3. Would really appreciate this too. Have a few thousand forums, so, it's a pain in the a** to do it.
  4. Hi! I would suggest that you make it possible to scroll through new posts horizontally instead of showing the predefined number of the topics among each other. E.g. right now it would look like this if I choose to display the newest five topics on top of our forums: You can see the five recent topics on the top of the forums among each other. I would prefer something like this (done with ms paint - sorry!): This would be even more useful for mobile users, as it would look like this (from nodebb): Therefore they don't need to scroll down that much and it's potentially possible to show more topics in there, as it wouldn't be as frustrating to scroll through 10 posts horizontally as it is if they are among each other.
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