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System Applications Set as Default App

Salty Dog

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I accidently hit a star to set (change) the default app under the first setting in System / Applications/ System 4.2.7

I hadn't noticed what the previous Default App was.

Is there a way to find out what it was or is there a standard setting that it would be set for.


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The 'standard setting' is whatever you chose as the default when you installed the software originally (if starting as v4.x) or upgraded from earlier - it defaults in the choice to Forums, so if you didn't change it at install then that would be the 'standard setting'

Any way to find out what it was? Yep, restore a prior backup to a test database and peak inside somewhere to find which one was set.

My personal suggestion - try each of them until the 'home page' looks like it was before you hit the change.

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