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    Works like a charm. It would be nice if it only worked on the single Primary User Group, and not all the Secondary User Groups as well.
  1. Is there a way to reset or clear the list of viewers?
  2. So I'm trying to move a lot of old non-active members to the Inactive group. If I read this thread right, the Group Promotions Rule I created to do this won't work since none of these members are active.
  3. I have show full log to all members disabled. However it says: I can't seem to find where to enable Mods/Admin permissions to view edit logs.
  4. But what about the settings under System as shown below. The one that it currently shows is Content Discovery. That's the one I accidently hit. I didn't notice if it was already set for that one or one of those below it.
  5. So it just controls what the home page is? Okay, than it was forums. Thanks
  6. I accidently hit a star to set (change) the default app under the first setting in System / Applications/ System 4.2.7 I hadn't noticed what the previous Default App was. Is there a way to find out what it was or is there a standard setting that it would be set for.
  7. Where can I turn Anonymous Login on or off. I can't seem to find it in the ACP?
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