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Help needed with a couple issues

Mark White

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I installed quite a few Plug ins and applications in the last two days.

Solved first issue


Second issue was I have donate it doesnt work I installed the side bar donate and it also doesnt work I added the sidebar for it but the menu seems to be the same as the original one in

Commerce 4.2.7  

I also wondered why would someone making a donation have to input an address Phone number and all the information they would as if they were making a purchase?

It in my opinion will make it that much more complicated and thus reduce the amounts people do donate or drive them away from the process altogether...


Any help with these issues is greatly appreciated I figured I would have had my site all slicked up by now and I have a bunch of duplicate post to weed through count post up figure out a rating systems with points so I can track the top contributors and award the prizes and one guy has been burning up the site...

Until now the software for the board had been running so well this all hit me out of the blue I also submitted a help request and its not as fast as it was the other day...

So I am concerned with a bunch of folks about to start hitting my board with all these issues...

Thanks for any ideas.

I can say if it involves editing css and templates Im lost...


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I need a donation so I can afford it..lol

Im kidding I just spent like 200 plus today Ill hold off I need a points for posting solution quickly or im screwed with my site...

I thought that was going to be handled with Memberstore...

Instead it just created about two days of work and burned almost all of my Snow day up chasing my tail

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