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Suggestion: Latest Topics Widget / Block on Board index


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Latest Topics Block on board index has a setting checkbox includes all forums to that block off course if you want to....

But if you do not want one forum (or 2,3,4,5) you have to go and select every single forum that you want on that block, if you have a large forum it is really hard to set the forum without just 2,3 forums excluded.....

We should have a reverse setting on that block like Maybe a text field, just enter the forums or forum numbers that you do not want them on that block, the rest should be included...

Just an idea...

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Yes, I have asking about that too. No idea if the way it is was some sort of tech intrinsicality to how other things work or just an oversight. I seem to remember that at one stage they even removed the possibility to select subforums at all and then they reintroduced it in version 4.2. But, an exclude option is badly needed (along the option of selecting multiple subforums at once too).

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