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Please add an option to exclude forums from streams/widgets


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There is option "I will choose which content to include" in streams / widgets, but there is no option to exclude specific content (forums).

So when we need to exclude 3 categories on forums which have 100 categories, we are forced to add 97 inclusion rules instead of just 3 exclusion rules. Also we should remember to add new forums once they created. It's wery non-friendly way so i hope you'll fix this.


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Is Santa bringing any news on this issue? :)

It would be good if IPS shared any plans or absence of plans regarding this, so at least third party developers could think of a much needed plugin or app for some of us. Or worst case scenario, we could think of approaching third party developers and commission something.

It sounds like a matter of simple common sense to use exclude instead of include, as for whoever has only a few subforums it really doesn't matter, but for whoever has heaps of subforums, chances are that an exclude option will be much more helpful. (Now, maybe there's a tech reason behind it that we ignore, but it would be good to know).

Even if IPS was to stick to the include option, please give us an interface where we can highlight all subforums and simply deselect the ones we don't need. The way it is now (apart from ticking all) you can only select or deselect one subforum at the time.

There are several threads where this is mentioned but so far I don't think I've seen a reply from IPS staff about it. Cheers.

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