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1 minute ago, Mr. Fierce God said:

Front end and the actual FAQ page 


I have the app closed to public till i was able to test it, but here is the link aka page the error is still on


i would have to let you in as admin to be able to see it...but thats the exact error code on front end

it was just so I know where to start looking as to why, when I am back and online properly i'll look into it for you if that's cool

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the FAQ is set to Guest can see all FAQ's

but even after support tool ran a couple times, it still shows a blank screen 


actually it shows the blank screen to everyone, including members


i can see the FAQ page with add FAQ, and then the category page


the main menu tab is this - https://www.fierceteam.com/faq/

is there another page i need to bring out for all to see the FAQ page??

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Some issues with FAQ:


  • missing language key faq__select_rows_tooltip 
  • Continue - untranslatable (when adding a new Q&A and selecting a category
  • Category Settings - untranslatable in ACP when editing category
  • Convert to Club feature  - untranslatable in ACP in the list of categories
  • Save - untranslatable when adding a new Q&A
  • Q&A - is not translatable in the Change Q&A string below Q&A on the front side

Missing Feature

  • Reordering of Q&As within category is not possible (we desperately need it :rolleyes:). 



Edited by Sonya*
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