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IPS Blogs is not Blogs?


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OK so I want to start off my Blog correctly.  I love the style and layout of IPS' own "blog" but as I go to replicate something similar I am reading that it actually doesn't even use their own Blog application.

Is this a little disheartening for anyone?  I had hoped that I could use the Blog app to achieve a similar result.

Plan B, using Pages is there advice I should know to help me achieve the "look" of the IPS blog: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/ ?

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Make a database, place it onto a page (IPS is using the "news" page for this, but it can be named whatever you want) using the block "Pages > Database". To achieve the look IPS did here, they're using a template (probably one of their own). I can absolutely recommend this one, from @TAMAN:


As it's easy to set up, and will get you close (I believe IPS is using 3 column, 2 featured, but I find that Taman's 3 column, first featured is fantastic).

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