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  1. Error with furl changes

    The issue here is the top-level portion of this, the "topLevel": "forums", bit will always be included in any URL while inside of the Forums app. I do not believe this part can be changed while this current bug persists. Edit: On 2nd thought, this might be able to be done by using the "Rules" and "URL Paths" addons: You would probably be able to do this with these two applications. There is an APA-Lite, but that only supports up to 25 URLs IIRC.
  2. Error with furl changes

    Really? I was able to change all of my URLs using this trick.
  3. Error with furl changes

    Ok so I've found a way around this, but it's more for advanced users. @forumdev99, this should work for you: For FORUMS: Find the folder public_html/applications/forums/ Open up the furl.json in your chosen editor (I use Brackets). Inside this file, you should find the following code: /** * Friendly URL Structure * * For each value in the $furl array: * The key should be the "SEO Template" - an identifier which you'll use when displaying a URL. * The value should be an associative array with two or three elements: 'friendly' and 'real', and optionally 'verify': * 'friendly' * The friendly URL to use - encase variables in {curly braces} containing a symbol, followed by the name of the parameter that matches in the "real" URL * The symbol should be # for numbers or @ for strings * For example, if the "real" URL contains id=XXX, where XXX is a number, you should include {#id} somewhere in the friendly URL. * You can also use the tag {?} for the "SEO Title" (that is, any variables that shouldn't be part of the real URL, such as the name of the topipc being viewed). * If you want to support more than one SEO Title, you can give them zero-indexed keys like so: {?0} {?1} {?2} * 'real' * This should be the base of the real URL. You should not include parameters which will be parsed out from the friendly URL. * 'verify' * This should be the name of a class that contains a loadFromUrl() and an url() method. The dynamic URL (i.e. app=core&...) will be passed to loadFromUrl(), and the url() * method will subsequently be called to retrieve the correct URL, ideal with ActiveRecord pattern classes. * * IMPORTANT: Ensure values are listed with the most specific ones first. This is to ensure that non-FURL redirects are done correctly. For example, if you have these FURLs: * /index.php?app=myapp&module=mymodule&controller=mycontroller&do=myaction -> /myfolder/myaction * /index.php?app=myapp&module=mymodule&controller=mycontroller -> /myfolder * They must be provided in that order, otherwise the former will redirec to /myfolder/?do=myaction rather than /myfolder/myaction */ { "topLevel": "forums", "pages": { "forums_rss": { "friendly": "forum/{#id}-{?}.xml", "real": "app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&rss=1" }, "forums_forum": { "friendly": "forum/{#id}-{?}", "real": "app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums", "verify": "\\IPS\\forums\\Forum" }, "topic_copy": { "friendly": "topic/{#id}-{?}/copy", "real": "app=cms&module=database&controller=topic" }, "forums_topic": { "friendly": "topic/{#id}-{?}", "real": "app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic", "verify": "\\IPS\\forums\\Topic" }, "forums": { "friendly": "", "real": "app=forums&module=forums&controller=index" }, "topic_create": { "friendly": "submit", "real": "app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&do=createMenu" }, "topic_non_forum_add_button": { "friendly": "startTopic", "real": "app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&do=add" } } } The things to change here would be the "friendly" parts. For instance, to change it from yoursite.com/forums/ to yoursite.com/forum/, replace "topLevel": "forum". This is in the same location for -all- installed applications. After reuploading the file to the same place, you will need to run "Something isn't working" in your "System -> Support" page. After that, you can edit or install language files to deal with the rest of it. Regards
  4. There should be a way to change the Gallery Slider sorting in Gallery. Our site has a lot of comic artists who use the Gallery to post their work, and the issue is that it posts newer items to the Left of older content, rather than to the right. This should never have been the case to begin with, as scrolling -left- for new content is extremely counter-intuitive for native English speakers. Perhaps it should take on the default sort order of the album, or at least allow it to be set by anyone who has access to the content control rights.
  5. Click for IPS Gallery

    It works in 4.2.5.
  6. Hallow Eve 4.2.x

    It's alright for what it is. A bit too busy for our use though, as it detracts from the content a bit too much.
  7. This should be doable.
  8. Error with furl changes

    Bumping, as this still isn't fixed.
  9. T.I.T License Copyright Removal

    Thanks for providing this Taman. I was going to ask about this, but this solves that.
  10. Error with furl changes

    Concurred. Any ideas on when this'll be fixed?
  11. Classifieds System

    Shame. Will do.
  12. Classifieds System

    Ah, cheers. I figured as much, as I had found that topic earlier. Here's hoping!
  13. Classifieds System

    Sorry, another (probably not quick) question. Is there a way to rename the app from "Classifieds" to "Commissions" in the URL? We've managed everything else in the language file changes, I think. Editing the FURLs to /commissions/ just changes them to /classifieds/commissions. Thanks again Adriano!
  14. Classifieds System

    Perfect, thanks!
  15. Classifieds System

    Hi there, we just purchased this application for our suite. Is there a way to disable the member dropdowns? I think it's these two hooks: clUserBar.php \IPS\Theme\class_core_front_global clMobileNavigation.php \IPS\Theme\class_core_front_global Thanks!