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Remove prefix stopped working on 4.2.6

Gabriel Torres

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Hi guys,

Here we have a "saved action" where the only "rule" is to remove a topic's prefix. So all values are left on their default values, except "Prefix", which is set to "Remove any prefix."

This saved action was working fine before, but after upgrading our install to 4.2.6, it stopped working. When applying this saved action, it loads the forum's template, but without any information, and the prefix isn't removed. 

As we have too many third-party plugins and apps, we can't ask the support to take a look and report this potential bug unless we are 100% sure it is a bug with the platform and not with our install. So, I'd like to ask a huge favor from you guys, could you please replicate this to see whether this also happens in other installs or only on ours?

Many thanks in advance.



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