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Help for a VB convert


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I have just completed a TEST conversion from VB to Invision and the UI is so different it leaves me lost.  My biggest question now is that after the conversion, I see all the forums in the admin section but cannot see anything on the home page of the site. None of my converted forums and topics show up for guest or myself ( admin ).


What am I missing. I am sure it will be obvious when someone mentions it.



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As above really. :) The permissions will need a quick look over to set them appropriately.

Generally speaking, the IPS permission system you will find a *lot* quicker and easier to set/use than the VB one I think. This is because there are less 'repeated' choices in that you do not have to worry too much about individual group settings per forum apart from the actual 'can see / post / reply" ones, there are no repeated options (as per group settings) for permissions to use emoticons or certain control codes or not etc etc, per forum level.

@jtorral If you are still struggling to get to grips with anything please post back and we'll try to assist. :) Even if its a simple "where is xyz now ?" type of question.

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