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Importing & recounting items in custom databases (CMS)


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Hey Guys,

so I am moving my very very old PERL driven database with news articles stored in a sort of CSV file to the invisionpower cms :)

While I figured that i simply could import a CSV with all the necessary fields via phpmyadmin to the cms_custom_database_x table directly I am wondering how to recount the items to have the categories display the correct numbers.

Or is there a better way altogether?



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2 hours ago, Daniel F said:

Keep in mind to also:

  1. Rebuild the search index
  2. Rebuild the content count for the member who’s going to be the content creator of the new content

Hey Daniel,

could you please point me to the right direction in terms of the search index rebuild?

As for the content count: I only know about the 'recount' link within the ACP in each members' profile. Unfortunately I do have too many to do this by hand. Is there a way to globally rebuild everything like after the IPS 3->4 upgrade?


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