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How to clean up email list of members

Saurabh Jain

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You need a professional service you're required to pay for.

Have a look at these ones:

If you start bulk mailing without proved email list, the chances are very high you will get blacklisted directly and without any more warnings. Even with minimal percentage of bad emails. And you will easily get a very bad reputation by the mailing providers like Sparkpost or Mailchimp. They might even ban your account indefinitely!

I'm also looking at different solutions currently, but until now, I have found no other proved ideas how to manage this problem.

After using such services, you get a detailed list of your bad emails, that won't work (usually as .csv). Problem is, that there is no feature to "bulk change permission groups for bad emails" in IPS. We still require any mechanism / function, that allows us to ban or change groups for a (long) list of emails (maybe 100.000 addresses to bulk ban!). Manual operation is no choice for bigger communities.

I would love to see some API integration in coming IPS releases.


Once you have a clean email database (but only after having a clean email database! See required steps above), you can start bulk mailing and use some of these IPS plugins to keep your email database clean:



(link embeds currently seem to not work properly, IPS message: "The link could not be embedded because invisionpower.com does not allow embedding of that %s does not allow embedding of that %s.")

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Check all the plugins in the download marketplace.

You can search for "email" or "bad emails" or "email marketing" or "bounce" to have a closer look at the overall problems members have with emails.

Currently, there is no native solution. 

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