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Payed and left


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Same issue for me. I thought it was just me but apparently not. I was in the middle of an upgrade though before it said my license key was invalid and can't finish my upgrade. I submitted a ticket and hope they fix it soon. :) 

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12 minutes ago, opentype said:

Calm down. That red warning message only shows on your admin account. Your site will run fine even if the license server doesn’t respond for a couple of hours. 

I also have some Login-Issues with some IPS-Connected sites. I am pretty sure, they will fix the issue....But i really would love to login to my ACP (i don'tknow, if this is the same issue... i also opened a ticet because of that issue)

2 minutes ago, Ryan Ashbrook said:

We are aware of the issue and are working on a solution. Sorry about that, and we appreciate your patience. :) 

Thanks in advanced

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