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Thought? Merge Status Updates / Activity Stream / Questions


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What happens if you Merge Status Updates / Activity Streams /  Questions Forums together??

You get a highly sought after social media application for IPS that's what.


  • Clone Activity Stream Look and Name it "Social Stream"
  • Replace activity items with singular status update type posts that look, feel and act like the questions forums do with Upvotes / Downvotes
  • Go a step further and change the tag system to a hashtag system! incorporate that into categories inside the new system that allows people to filter based on hashtag selection.
  • Voila "You have something to provide those who want to create a social media platform like twitter" thus expanding the reach and influence of IPS as a software

Explanation is not a talent i think i have. But hopefully i have painted enough of a picture for understanding.

Either way i must now sleep!

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8 hours ago, Joel R said:

IPS has very explicitly explained in the paat they are against a live Facebook wall feature, which is what you're ultimately requesting.  They view Activity Streams as strictly content discovery, not content interaction or content creation.  

Ah i had not known they had said that in the past.

However i think it comes down to perspective. Facebook wall idea is a bad idea. Ain't no one wanting that. But a system like i've explained i think could do well for those sites which are based around discussions of various topics, I am thinking less social friends talking, and more content discovery for relevant discussions.

After all its a platform for sharing content. And this seems like a very popular setup on many websites for people from all walks of life to share content. Content generation is key.

But now i am thinking to myself if this would be possible to do myself using pages... Might just have to experiment myself.

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  • 2 months later...

its an interesting idea I even thought about it myself a while ago... but then I thought it would be too much of a temptation for members to just keep adding external links to things they are doing elsewhere rather than interacting in the community.   Might be wrong but that's my general thoughts on it

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I sort of got around the status updates idea though by adding a forum called "What did you do today to make you feel good?" 

This gives everyone on the community a chance to add a quick update so others can then chip in and comment adding more content all the time too.

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