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Featured downloads in marketplace here?


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33 minutes ago, TAMAN said:

Sorry I have no idea how does a file gets in featured downloads here. What are Requirements?

They are changed typically every two weeks now since a few versions back when Downloads supported multiple featured files. ^_^ When it was a single featured file only it was changed every 3 to 4 days.

Newer versions of Downloads do not show all the featured files, it grabs 4 'featured' ones at random and displays those. Refreshing the page will show different featured files.

Regarding their selection: There will always be multiple types featured. For instance there will be one or two themes, one or two applications , and one or two smaller files (plugins typically) as well as occasionally other files such as say image sets (team badges for example)

The selection criteria is slightly complicated, it is not random I can assure you. ^_^ , suffice to say that as well as popular (but not recent, providing they are completely functional on the latest version) submissions, files that are in effect 'hidden gems' are also featured, In essence items that are suitable for a large proportion of communities.

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