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I have a ticket open with support here, but I feel like I'm being told it works for us so not our problem.  I'm coming to the community for some help.  This morning, all responsiveness for mobiles stopped working.  Instead of shrinking down to 1 column like it normally does, it seems to be shrinking the entire site down into a mini desktop view for lack of a better term.  They say it's a theme issue that I need to contact the author about.  I say this is the DEFAULT IPS theme with all 3rd party apps shut off and plugins on an iPhone with a freshly cleared cache and cleaned out browsing data.  It's not just me.  I was made aware of this at 9:30 this morning by a bunch of members on mobile.  See screen shot:



I could really use some ideas here.

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3 minutes ago, Charles said:

This is what I see. It's showing mobile. 


This is so frustrating!  What the heck then is going on with myself and my members?!?  I'm lost on this one.

1 minute ago, Flitterkill said:

Also, your #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle css calls (responsive and otherwise); kill the width calls on all of them and the ad will center correctly again. On tablet and mobile it starts to park itself to the right and not be centered

What do I need to change exactly?  I've made no adjustments to that myself.

@Charles I appreciate the screen cap - I shared that with the members.  They shared this back and I get the same so you can see why this is frustrating.


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Hit the support area and clear the cache and then yourself and your users, to make this easy, need to clear your browser caches as well.

Charles and myself are both hitting your site fresh so no legacy cache junk that might be casuing problems.

EDIT: Do I have ACP access for you? Don't recall. Also I bet Charles and myself are just shrinking the browser to get responsive firing. Let me pull my phones out.

Titan is fine on Win 10 mobile edge. Samsung Note 4 Android 5.1.1 all good too

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The only, somewhat nonsensical thing but still, I can think of is that the mobile browser or your mobile providers are flagging something somewhere to just hump over the full site. I have seen this before but it's been awhile. That's why I asked about CDN.

It's nothing with the IPS global template pushing out new html info like doctype or anything, the head area has been untouched for awhile now (just compared an older version with latest)

Anyone else with an iPhone want to give this a shot.? Maybe this is an Apple thang...

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Do this for a test.


We're going to edit the globaltemplate for titan

Right near the top, just inside the <head> tag find this

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"/>

Change it to this:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width"/>

And then let's see what shakes. Maybe the iPhone browser is freaking on the init scale var now


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Your mention of skipping mobile and going straight to desktop got me thinking... Is this something to do with forwarding.  So, instead of using my standard www. link (waiting on final steps with new DNS provider before I revert back to www.) I typed in the actual current URL of primary.lmgamers.net.  Voila - Mobile version pops up now.  Tried again and www. and got the same broken mobile theme.

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