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[] I can't edit any posts (Error message)


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I updated my forum to the new version. I have an issue when I try edit posts.

I see a popup error always, with any post I trying to edit. I have permissions to edit posts, same issue with all Groups in my forum, including Administrators. Before update all works fine :/

Issuse: I can create threads, and edit first message but, when I post a response, I can't edit the response messages.


All of my members have this issue and see this popup with the error. My members can't edit any message they posted.

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49 minutes ago, Adlago said:

In default theme IPS issue that is there?


Yes. I have the same issue with all themes.

I tryed use support tool, clean cache, re-upload all IPS files, deactivate all plugins and Apps... Nothing happens, issue persists.

I don't know what's the problem, but my users ask me about this, they can't edit any message response (new messages/posts and old).

I have VPS in Digital Ocean, 2gb ram with 2 core, 40Gb space. Nginx + PHP 5.6.24, MariaDB, Memcahed, Cloudflare. (@ASTRAPI setup my VPS months ago) Before update all works very well :S

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26 minutes ago, Adlago said:

Make test:
Include limit 60 minutes
Create a test topic
Make a few comments
Try editing
If it works, remove the cache and include 'Unlimited' again.

I try this now, but issue persists :(

Group Permissions not affect the edit mode.

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As before upgrade all was ok then maybe it has to do with the IPB upgrade and not server related.....

In any case i clear all caches and restart all services and it didn't work.....

I just did a test and load a backup with previous IPB version and all working great....

So it looks like something is not working on the latest IPB update....

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On 9/12/2016 at 9:25 PM, abetts said:

I've just enabled Cloudflare (Pro) today and can't edit posts. Everything else is working just fine... 

We just enabled coudlfare and have the same problem and error message. IPB support offered the following advice


The Ajax request during the edit is rendering a 403 error which during this it likely means that a file in your environment has a different owner group then the rest and thus causing a permissions issue. Please contact your hosting provider and ensure all files and folders are owned by the same group.

Is there any way to fix this that someone is aware of please?

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