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ipsComment_controls Placing Issue


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This is a question I keep getting asked by my member's, mainly because this looks broken and out of place on each post (cPost_contentWrap div, Post box).

If anyone is wondering what I am talking about, it is this, the quote, edit, options comment bar that is in every post. By default, this isn't at any fixed position and just looks 'plonked' down depending on the text above it. To me, the ipsComment_controls bar looks unfinished development wise, and I was wondering if the developers could at least have this sitting at the bottom of the each post box (cPost_contentWrap ) by default?

I'm more than sure I could do this myself, but I would have expected this to be a default, or fixed by now. It just looks messy, unfinished and is driving my OCD nuts ;)

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I agree it would be nice to have it down at the bottom when the author box makes there be a large gap of empty space because the post is too short. This should probably apply for the signature too, so they would be moved together at the bottom in those cases. 

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