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if your code for whatever reason throws an exception when editing a content item, you get this error:

Screenshot from 2016-07-16 19-15-58.png

which is fine for a live site, but for a developer, its a rabbit hole. so in system/Content/Controller.php  in the edit method's main catch, can we have something like:

if( \IPS\IN_DEV ){
    throw $e;
    \IPS\Output::i()->error( 'edit_no_perm_err', '2S136/E', 404, '' );

or possible it being logged to the logs? something more than a error message that says "you can't edit this any longer"? I just want this for in_dev mode, it would make things a lot easier than have to each version, go into and editing a core file for my dev environment in case my code is throwing a E_NOTICE, so i know what it is and can fix it faster.


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