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Newsletter signup form available for members & non-members?

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I would like to have a news letter sign up form available on the website that collects members & also non-members emails so that I can send them out a newsletter - is this a part of your software or do I need to get a 3rd party program like mailchimp?

I've received a response back from IPS in regards to this:

Sorry, our Bulk Mail feature only allows sending mail to those that are registered members of your community. Your members will need to "opt-in" in the registration process and select "Receive Emails from Admins" in order to be a part of this list.

In order to collect non-members you will need to facilitate this via other means. There are third party integrations in our Marketplace with software like MailChimp. Like the following link is one that will sync your current members to your MailChimp list, unfortunately it does not seem to support non-members as well: https://invisionpowe...chimp-sync-pro/


So while the mailchimp add-on feature is nice and something I would highly consider, it would be nice to have a simple email sign up box for people to use without actually having to sign up as a member if they don't want.

Is there anything like this available?

If not I'll just focus on a members only list, which is obviously preferred for them to sign up on the website, but not always a complete net to catch all people interested in info.

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As already stated, that’s not possible out of the box. But if you use a newsletter service such as Mailchimp, they just provide you with a code snippet to be included on your site to collect and verify newsletter data. That’s the only simple and free option (up to a certain amount of subscribers) I can think of. Anything else needs custom coding or might create a cumbersome workflow. 

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