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Props to the support team


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Last week, I upgraded my site (including Commerce) from 3.4.9 to 4.1.x. After the upgrade, numerous customers of mine had either: lost access to their purchased products, been demoted from 'Customers' to 'Members', been placed into the approval queue, or had lost their account entirely.

After sending a critical ticket to the support team, it was promptly escalated by @Lindy and a custom script was created by @Ryan Ashbrook which was used to fix the corrupt data. Despite the severity of the issue, there was minimal impact to my site and the issue was successfully resolved last night.

Whenever issues arise on my site, I need them resolved as soon as possible since a majority of my members are paying customers. The Invision support team were very responsive with their replies, so on behalf of myself and my customers - thanks for the great support, it's very much appreciated!

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