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Commerce and Paypal configuration after upgrade to IPB 4


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Hello ! ^_^

I used Nexus along with Paypal in order to allow my board's members to pay a small subscription (amount of money) to a non-profit organisation, so that we can pay for my board's server, licences, etc.
Once they had paid, the members were automatically placed in a special group and thus were given access to downloads areas where they could download files created only for them (and which helps them in their work).

Since I upgraded to IPB version 4 recently, all this is no longer working.

I've checked the Commerce application :

- In "Products", I still have my subscription.
- In "Payment settings", then in "Payment Methods", I edited "Paypal" and saw "Client ID" and "Secret" fields are void... And I read just below that I needed to create an application on Paypal's developper site ?...

All this is not clear to me...

Can someone give me more information about these two fields, the application I need to create, and the steps to configure Commerce to make it work with Paypal ?

Thank you ! ^_^

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We used the new Paypal API for IPS4(your IPB3 information will not work, hence why it was removed) so you will need to create an "application" within the Paypal API and obtain your LIVE Client ID and Secret. A step-through information on how to create it is in the Guide, mentioned by @Cloud 9:



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